Lazy A Stables Ltd.

Email from Dori Scofield, Long Island

April 22, 2006


You would never believe he [Guy] came from such a distance. He is no worse for wear at all. We were thinking he needed a week's rest, bran mashing him etc., but he's doing awesome. Yesterday Frank had him out in a big paddock, and he jumped over the back fence into the neighbor's yard! He decided the grass was greener on the other side! So, with all that energy he had, we tacked him up for a little walk, trot yesterday. And he was raring to go, so she [Cassie] cantered him and jumped him a bit. He did great. Cassie loves him, and he has been so well mannered. He puts his head right into your chest for some loving. We're going to take him to a small local show next week, and get him measured. The farrier is coming this week. I meant to ask you if you had him on any supplements or anything special. I don't know if you sent that in your mini book, I haven't read it yet. All the girls at the barn oooh and ahh at him...Cassie is feeling pretty good right now, let's hope the future brings good things for her and "Wise Guy"! (He got that name after jumping the fence!).

Take Care, Dori

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