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A collection of emails and letters from our customers.

"We, and Ann (trainer), are very happy with Toby's (Rembrandt's) mental and physical abilities. He has hauled and stabled everywhere with a calm and maturity beyond his four years."

     -- Card from Michael Soltis, Ohio         

"You would never believe he [Guy] came from such a distance. He is no worse for wear at all...we tacked him up for a little walk, trot yesterday. And he was raring to go, so she [Cassie] cantered him and jumped him a bit. He did great. Cassie loves him, and he has been so well mannered."

     -- Email from Dori Scofield, Long Island        Read More

"You let me ride Brooke and Liam while you looked for a new horse for me. Liam and I got along really well and I could hardly wait to ride him every chance I got. Then one told me to go and get Liam to tack up and there was a sign saying "Surprise!" on Liam's stall door...I was so happy I started crying. Liam and I are a great team. "

     -- Letter from Janelle King (age 13), Alberta        Read More

"I just wanted you both to know how delighted we are with our purchase of Yogi from your Lazy A Stables last January. We had never actually seen Yogi ~ except for pictures on your web site and a video you sent to us ~ until May. He is everything you said he would be and even better!! "

     -- Email from Kitty Eckert, Florida        Read More

"Just wanted to update you as to how much we love Cocoa [Like So]. Cody took her in his first show on the weekend. The first 2 classes were 2'1" short stirrup and he placed first and second."

     -- Email from Katie Brotherston, British Columbia        Read More

"I wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with our purchase of handsome Bailey. He is absolutely the buzz at Blarney Stone Farms! Jenna & I look forward to him being the buzz in the show ring this season."

     -- Email from Rhonda Moynes, Alberta        Read More

"I can't express how happy I am to have put the pair together and for you putting such a nice foundation on this very special pony. Thank you so much for all your details and thorough explanation of Zoe. Zoe is simply the star of the barn."

     -- Email from Jillian Stevens (trainer), New Jersey        Read More

"I can't thank you enough for her [Sable]. She is more than I ever expected. After riding her at your barn, I knew she was the one for me. I had the best show season ever on her.... We competed in a class, “Junior Jumper Championship”. I was the second youngest in the class, and WE WON!!"

     -- Email from Kelby Lusher, Bermuda, UK        Read More

"She was doing the two foot division to start her career and was very brave and as cute as can be in a very scary arena...... Anytime you have another one as nice as her, please let me know. We would definitely be interested. Thanks for everything."

     -- Email from Diana Sturges, Ohio        Read More

"As we are first time owners, we were very nervous and anxious buying a pony sight unseen and over the internet no less! With all of the high praise that both the Lushers and Catrina had for both of you and your program, we decided to take the plunge. We are just so pleased. Breeze is all we could have ever dreamed of for our daughter and more! She has already exceeded our expectations."

     -- Email from Lauren Bell, Bermuda, UK        Read More

"I purchased, Betty, a three year old welsh crossbred pony from Janet and Chris. They were so wonderful to work with, as I was able to have so much information about the pony without having to travel 3,000 miles to see her."

     -- Email from Robin Greenwood, New York        Read More

"Just a quick note to compliment Chris and Janet on doing such a great and honest job in the purchase of our new pony "Tech". Tech is everything they represented on their web site and he is everything we wanted."

     -- Email by E. & R. Bruce, California        Read More

"What a great large pony you sold us by video! Anchor is everything that you told us by phone and his new 10 year old owner can hardly wait to show him this summer on the "A" circuit. It is nice to do business with a trainer who instills a great foundation on all his horses so there are no hidden surprises! Your honesty is a tribute to your success and the horses coming out of your program are so well broke they are a dream to ride."

     -- Letter from Northwinds Farm, Ontario        Read More

"In due course we brought him [Mask] home and have never regretted our purchase. He is everything they said he was. He has been beautifully started, has lovely manners and is a pleasure to work with. This makes our further training so much easier as we have a good foundation to build on. Elizabeth is thrilled with him and is looking forward to schooling shows and then competing with him next year."

     -- Letter by L. Frayling, British Columbia        Read More

"I give my highest recommendation to Chris and Janet Brand for their ability to pair horses/ponies and prospective buyers. Their knowledge was very helpful and they were completely straightforward about all the pony's abilities. We purchased the mare without having ridden her or seeing her in person. I was very impressed when she was exactly everything Chris said she was. I was even more impressed to find her better than we had imagined."

     -- Letter by C. Rozzi, California        Read More

"I was delighted with the service I received from Chris and Janet Brand, through many patient e-mails and phone calls. I felt they really took the time to give us exactly what we needed. Despite the fact I had never seen the pony before I bought him, he turned out to be everything I wanted. This is the first time I bought anything other than a book on the internet, but I would do it again. But probably only from Lazy A Stables!"

     -- Letter by C. Bancel, New York        Read More

"Hello! Just wanted to write you a quick note about Max. He's doing great! We are currently competing in the 3ft division all over north Texas. At our last horse show Max was Champion of the 3ft division!! He's such a sweetie and we get so many compliments on how beautiful he is. He's become part of the family; he comes when he's called etc. We love him!"

     -- Email by Angela, Texas        Read More

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