Lazy A Stables Ltd.

Letter from Janelle King, Alberta

July 19, 2005

Dear Chris & Janet,

I first met you when my sister had her Welsh pony at your place for training in October of 2002. Over the spring break, my mom arranged for all of us to have riding lessons from you. I brought my Welsh pony to your stable. The first 5 minutes of my first lesson at your stable I fell off my pony and started to cry. What a bad day! We kept coming back for more lessons because you were teaching me the things that I really needed to know and that gained me a lot of confidence (I was a very scared rider). You started me back at the very basics, teaching me how to halt properly, walk on and trot. It is all in the flatwork, you kept telling us. I was pretty quiet, not like my sister, but you never mixed us up. Every lesson you helped me take one step at a time towards perfecting my riding skills. I learned how important it is to have a strong leg with my heels down because that anchored me.

I started to grow taller and this winter I even felt too big for my pony. You let me ride Brooke and Liam while you looked for a new horse for me. Liam and I got along really well and I could hardly wait to ride him every chance I got. Then one day my mom said, “Chris has a horse for you to try out.” I was so mad because I didn’t want to try out any horse. I wanted Liam. When we got to Lazy A Stables I was still mad. I went to go get my old pony Merlin for my brother and took a really long time doing it. Then you told me to go and get Liam to tack up and there was a sign saying “Surprise!” on Liam’s stall door. He was shiny clean wearing a new blanket and halter. I figured out that the horse I was trying was Liam. I was so happy I started crying. Liam and I are a great team. Chris, with your help coaching, I’ll be kicking butt when I start showing.

Janelle King (age 13)

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