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Letter From Leona Frayling - British Columbia

October 27, 2002

Hello Janet and Chris,

I would deem it a pleasure to write you a letter of recommendation. I do not make recommendations lightly but feel that in your case you have merited it.

We have been breeders and importers, from the UK, of ponies for inhand and breeding purposes for 20 years. As such we had become thoroughly spoiled and took the availabilty of quality animals for granted. When our youngest daughter started riding it was on ponies of our own breeding and when our other daughter started competitive driving it was also with ponies of our breeding. However, as Elizabeth, our riding daughter, grew, we realized that we would need to find her an animal larger than we ourselves bred.

We, rather naively, it turned out, thought that finding a suitable animal would require some work, but we never thought that it would turn into such a difficult task. We looked at many, many animals, some trained, some not. As we are often in England we thought that we might have to end up importing a suitable horse from there.

Once again I started searching on the internet and as we were planning a trip to Calgary thought that we might look there. With this in mind I lined up several horses to look at. We did look at several, with the usual results. We were so discouraged that we almost did not go to Janet and Chris's stable. However, in the end we did, and it was like a breath of fresh air. Here was a well run stable with knowledgable owners who understood training and quality animals. We were thrilled with Mask as soon as we saw him and even more thrilled when we saw him move. We had not really wanted such a young, green animal but he was the kind of well started, quality animal that we were looking for , so we could not miss the opportunity to buy him.

In due course we brought him home and have never regretted our purchase. He is everything they said he was. He has been beautifully started, has lovely manners and is a pleasure to work with. This makes our further training so much easier as we have a good foundation to build on. Elizabeth is thrilled with him and is looking forward to schooling shows and then competing with him next year.

I can recommend Janet and Chris with pleasure. I am very pleased with their attitude, training methods and reliability. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a horse or pony and we would buy from them again without reservation.

With pleasure,

Leona Frayling

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