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Email From Rhonda Moynes, St. Albert

February 3, 2005

Dear Chris & Janet,

I wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with our purchase of handsome Bailey He is absolutely the buzz at Blarney Stone Farms! Jenna & I look forward to him being the buzz in the show ring this season. He has been a complete pleasure to be around for everyone and all riders and parents have been tickled with his curious and friendly nature, not to mention his incredible good looks! He insists on greeting all visitors as they pass his stall by putting his head out for some attention. Jenna has been riding him since Sunday since he settled in so well. She had her first jumping lesson with Cheri on Tuesday and it went very well. I wanted to sincerely thank you both, and your children for providing such a wonderful home and the fantastic training, care and attention that he has received. We promise to continue with all of the above.

Rhonda & Jenna Moynes

May 24, 2005

Dear Chris & Janet,

I thought Id let you know that Bailey [aka SandCastles for show] won reserve champion at the Caledonia Classic show in the Edmonton river valley over the weekend! Jenna and I want to send our thanks again. He was the absolute best fit for us and is attracting much attention. Thanks for your patience with us in making our decision. Cheri is thrilled with his progress. We are taking him to Calgary for the True North summer welcome. I hope our paths cross sometime soon...


September 7, 2005

Hi Janet,

It was such a nice surprise to hear from you! The show season has been far beyond our expectations. After the Caledonia Classic we showed at True North where Jenna & Bailey received reserve champion in the green pony division and placed very well in the pony division and the Medal and Classic. It just got better and better after that. We then went to River Valley where she received Pony Hunter Champion our first cooler! The judge, Barb Mitchell, from Ontario asked for us to place a price on the pony. This was unexpected and a little difficult as we were not even considering selling him. We then went to Paramount in Calgary where our team won Pony Hunter Champion, Short Stirrup Pony Champion, High Points Pony and overall Junior High Points rider and received a beautiful trophy and really nice prize money. Barb has been in contact with Cheri again and she has a client in Florida who she would like to sell Bailey to. Im torn between the money and how difficult it would be to sell since Jenna is so happy and proud of her accomplishments. Our original plan was to show him for 2 years and sell since she will be 15 next year. This year was to be a transition year where we would do some smaller shows and see how it goes. Well, thanks to your incredible training program, we just jumped right in! She so badly wants to keep him and have more fun and to be honest so do I. We are planning to go to the ASJA finals this year at Spruce Meadows- a dream come true for Jenna to show there.

Rhonda Moynes

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