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Email From Lauren Bell - Bermuda

June 27, 2003

Dear Chris & Janet,

Breeze arrived safe & sound via IBC jet on a sunny, "Bermudaful" day at 11:05 am on June 26th. Within 20 minutes of landing at Bermuda International Airport, both Sable & Breeze were unloaded without a hitch and then took a leisurely 40 minute trailer ride to Spicelands Riding Centre. Upon arrival, they were turned out and Breeze had a merry time rolling around in the paddock where she got herself all good & dirty! A group of Sierra's fellow stable mates gave her a full bubble bath, groomed her till she shone and added a bit of glitter in her mane in preparation for the surprise party later that day. Breeze was a surprise for CC (Sierra). CC has drooled over Breeze's pictures on your website, she has plastered these same pictures all over her desk at school, she's played, rewinded, and fast forwarded through Breeze's video more times then I can count and has dreamed of nothing else for months. She had even developed a business plan for how she could raise money to buy Breeze - selling homemade horse treats (Sierra's Stable Snacks was the official name of her enterprise!) She had not a clue that Breeze was coming. She currently has a pony on half feed and she assumed we were going to spend a typical Thursday at the barn and when we arrived, she headed straight to her half feed pony. One of the kids stopped her and asked her the name of the new pony. CC went to Breeze's stable to inspect and still didn't realize it was Breeze. She started asking everyone in the barn the name of the new pony and Chris Lusher told CC that it was something like "Windy" or "Blowy" or "Blustery" or..."oh I know, Breeze!". Needless to say CC was in shock and it took awhile before it sunk in - this was Breeze and Breeze was hers. Kelby Lusher, there to simply share in the moment, was busy taking pictures and congratulating CC - totally oblivious to the fact that two stables down was Sable. She actually walked past Sable's door at least 15 times without noticing her! We finally had to point her out to her. The joy on those two girls' faces - I'll cherish that memory forever. There wasn't a dry eye in the barn that afternoon! While the party went on with pizza, snacks and cake, CC spent the entire time in the stable with Breeze - grooming and hugging and kissing and crying in her mane (washing out all of the glitter!) We finally pried CC away from Breeze at 8 0'clock that night. Needless to say, Breeze was ready for bed by this point.

Today, Breeze got herself a new bridle and some new boots. Both Catrina (trainer) and CC rode her this afternoon. She was in the ring with Sable and two other horses and she was absolutely perfect. We didn't work her too much as it's very hot here now and the humidity is pretty high. We'll give Breeze a chance to get climatized.

We want to thank you for all that you've done for us - answering all of our many questions via email and via Catrina! As we are first time owners, we were very nervous and anxious buying a pony sight unseen and over the internet no less! With all of the high praise that both the Lushers and Catrina had for both of you and your program, we decided to take the plunge. We are just so pleased. Breeze is all we could have ever dreamed of for our daughter and more! She has already exceeded our expectations. She is so very gentle, placid and oh, so lovable! She feels a part of our family already. She started chewing on the heel of my hand within 5 minutes of our introduction. She has blown kisses to our younger daughter Bryana (I know she's just looking for more of "Sierra's Stable Snacks" but to our 2 year old she's blowing kisses!) She rests her head on my husband's shoulder as he scratches her between her ears. We are all head over heels in love.

Lauren, Victor, Sierra, Ashton and Bryana

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